Mt. Zion, It's time to get your praise on! The Reverend Glenn Leverette of Jericho Baptist Church, Ruther Glen, Virginia was our guest Revivalist. Rev. Leverette delivered the nightly message during the week of July 21st - 25th (Monday - Friday), 2003. 

Our Revival schedule was as follows; 
Monday (7/21/03), Worship Leader Rev. Leon Easterling and the Ushers of Mt. Holy Baptist Church, Orange, VA, along with the Praise Team of Mt. Zion Church/Music Ministry.
Tuesday (7/22/03), Worship Leader Rev., Dr. Nathaniel Young and Ushers of Beulah Baptist Church, Thornburg, VA along with the Praise Team, Missionaries and Nurses of Mt. Zion Church. 
Wednesday (7/23/03), Worship Rev. Robert Stone, Pastor and Ushers of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Locust Grove and the Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Spotsylvania Prayer Band. 
Thursday (7/24), Rev. Wayne Robinson, Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Spotsylvania, VA and Ushers, and the Mt. Zion Baptist Church Youth and Hands of Glory.
Friday (7/25/03), Rev. Charles Wormley, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Spotsylvania, Ushers and Diaconate were in charge. 

The Revival week wouldn't be complete without the Grand Finale, "Home Coming", which was held on Sunday, July 27th. The Mt. Zion Church Family is cordially invited to wear the colors of Lavender and Silver in an effort to show our Unity and donate $100 per individual/family. 

The Annual Home Coming Dinner was held in the multi-purpose hall and everyone was invited to dine on mouth watering Baked and Fried Chicken, Succulent Country Baked Ham, Tender Green Beans, Cabbage, Tossed Salad, Potato Salad, Delicious Corn Pudding, Cheesy Macaroni, Bread, Assorted Desserts and Beverages. 

A special thank you to our Revival and Home Coming Planning Committee consisting of Sister Dorothy McMillan, Chairperson, Deacon Sumner Hughes, Minster Angelo Giles, Sister Jeri Fortune, Sister Connie Haymon, Sister Chantay Cook, Sister Wanda Jordan and Sister Stella Goodson.

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Rev. Glen Leverette, Pastor 
Jericho Baptist Church, Ruther Glen, Virginia